Combine your choice of the printed guides into Internet Suite. Choose Internet Suite if you would rather access value information electronically, rather than via printed guides.

Product Highlights:
  • Updated weekly
  • Four Wholesale Values
  • Four Retail Values
  • Three Trade-In Values
  • Original MSRP
  • Three Trade-In Values
  • Finance Advance
  • Residual Values for up to 60 months
  • Optional Equipment
  • VIN lookup w/UVC enhancement
  • Finance and Lease Calculator
  • Create and Print Used Car Appraisals

Available products for use with Internet Suite:
  • Used Car Cost Guide Internet Solution
  • New Car Cost Guide Internet Internet Deluxe
  • CPI Collectible Vehicle Value Guide Internet Solution
  • Motorcycle Value Guide Internet Solution
  • Historical Used Car Internet Solution
  • Official Vehicle ID System Internet Solution

  • Black Book Official Used Car Market Guide Weekly
  • Black Book CPI Collectible Vehicle Value Guide
  • Black Book Official Used Truck, Van, and SUV Guide
  • Black Book Official Motorcycle Value Guide
  • Black Book Official Used Car Market Guide Monthly
  • Black Book Official Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Guide
  • Black Book Official Old Car Market Guide
  • Black Book Original New Car Cost Guide

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