Portfolio Analysis by Black Book

       What is a portfolio analysis?

We start by taking a snap shot of your current portfolio.  Based on your current business needs, our industry professionals will analyze the data and return a summary for you to review.  We are confident that our results will clearly show you the benefits of using Black Books timely, independent, and accurate data.  By highlighting the ways Black Book’s values can help you react quicker to changes in the market and help to develop strategies to increase your bottom line.

Because we know "you can't afford to be wrong!"

Our current Lender partners use our vehicle values and analysis for:
  • Origination comparisons
  • Marketing – Equity analysis
  • Remarketing - benchmarks and performance
  • Lost Business analysis
  • Residual forecasting
  • Collateral risk analysis
  • Gas Price Analysis
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Originations Comparison
  • Validate current origination values.
  • Analysis of LTV’s at origination.
  • Where would the equity in your portfolio be if you used a different value?
  • How much risk could have been averted?

Residual forecasting
  • Understand LTV’s in your portfolio and analyze how they could change over time.
  • Depreciation analysis.
  • Forecast portfolio risk.
  • Combine with Fuel Economy and Gas Price Projections to see how volatile your portfolio is.

Equity Analysis
  • Develop marketing strategies based on equity position.
  • Identify vehicle segments.
  • Break portfolio down by region based equity for focused campaigns.
  • A better understanding of portfolio long term performance.

Collateral Risk analysis
  • Identify High risk loans in portfolio
  • Understand portfolio by vehicle segment, dealers and sales strategy’s
  • Shape Collection strategy by risk in the vehicle

Gas Price analysis
  • Understand what effect increasing gas prices will have on the value of your portfolio
  • Break down portfolio down by MPG and compare past, present and future values. Have the ability to adjust strategies in real time.